Whitney Kaine Playboy Playmate September 1976

Whitney Kaine is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for September 1976.
“Quite frankly, I don’t really feel like a Playmate at all,” says Whitney Kaine. “I mean, I’m not especially concerned with the glamor aspect of it, nor do I think of it as the high point of my career — but it is an interesting detour for me.” Whitney’s major interest these days is — believe it or not — her schoolwork. She’s currently a sophomore at UCLA, majoring in art (with a little anthropology, French, dance and psychology thrown in for good measure), and she takes her education seriously. “If I could, I’d continue going to school for the rest of my life,” she says.

Nonetheless, her tentative goal is to get a master-of-fine-arts degree at UCLA and then, perhaps, either teach art in an experimental school or free-lance, although the idea of working as an art therapist intrigues her. In the meantime, when she’s not playing tennis (years ago, she was on a tournament circuit) or practicing the piano (mostly Bach and Mozart), she sketches tirelessly, attempting to create her own style. Her only definite plan for the future is to take a senior year of study in Paris, to be largely funded by her modeling money. Aside from its financial advantages, her Playmate modeling experience has been “refreshing,” Whitney says.

“Working with the photographers was fascinating to me, because, as an artist, I was really able to appreciate the creative elements of their craft,” she says. “In a way, posing for Playboy has given me the chance to express myself in a new medium.” And if the medium is, indeed, the message, then we’re reading Miss September loud and clear.

NAME: Whitney Kaine
BUST: 35″
WAIST: 23″
HIPS: 34″
HEIGHT: 5′ 3″
WEIGHT: 105 lbs

AMBITIONS: I want to be an occupational therapist and freelance artist.
TURN-ONS: Being in very secluded, wild places alone in those beautiful surroundings with my art materials.
TURNOFFS: Messy, unorganized places.
IN MY SPARE TIME: I play tennis, exercise, draw, paint, read, write, play the piano — and relax!
GROWING UP: I was born in Utah but grew up in California.
FAMILY LIFE: I have three sisters and two brothers, and all but my youngest brother are excellent pianists. Same goes for tennis.
HIGHER EDUCATION: I’m hoping to earn a degree in fine arts from UCLA.
MY PLAYMATE FEE: Will be used to pay back a student loan, and I wouldn’t mind visiting France. Although I’d also love to see Italy because of its art history.

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