Terri Welles Playboy Playmate December 1980

Terri Welles is the Playboy Playmate for December 1980. Good-looking girls don’t have it easy. It’s not so much that people try to take advantage of them; it’s more that they’re constantly being underestimated. Anyone who underestimates Terri Welles had better duck. She’s a scrapper.
Take the time she was pulled over for speeding just after having entered a freeway in her home state of California. Terri was charged with doing 63 where only the double nickel was allowed.

Now, she didn’t think she’d been on the freeway long enough for the officer to have measured her speed accurately. So just before her court date, she got into her car and checked the distance on her odometer from the on ramp where she’d started to the off ramp beside which she’d been pulled over. When her case came up, the patrolman testified he’d clocked her over a one-mile distance, but Terri produced homemade maps showing that it was only six tenths of a mile. Case dismissed. Had it not been a courtroom, Terri would have gotten a standing ovation. A move like that takes confidence, poise and intelligence. Terri just happens to have all three in abundance. Cynics, of course, would scoff at the idea that any girl who looks like Terri could lack self-confidence. But then, they didn’t see her at the age of 14, when sheer boredom caused her to balloon to 180 pounds. “One day, I just rolled out of bed — I mean, literally rolled. That’s when I put the nix on eating.”

An old friend, who just happened to be the brother of Playmate Sondra Theodore, took Terri to visit Playboy Mansion West. Making a splash in that sea of beauty isn’t easy, unless you’re Terri Welles. She created a tidal wave of enthusiasm. Coincidentally, we were planning our pictorial on flight attendants at the time. Terri was asked — or, rather, implored, cajoled and begged — to be the cover girl for that issue. The lure of bright lights finally convinced her to take the big step into modeling. She relented, and her career was launched.

Terri was an immediate hit. Naturally, in the back of our mind, a centerfold was taking shape: her shape. Then, just before she was to leave for a modeling assignment in Japan, Terri agreed to a Playmate shooting. Wasting no time, we dispatched a photographer to follow her to the Orient. You’re enjoying the results of the trip here.

What the camera couldn’t record is the amazing effect Terri has on all who meet her. Blessed with a verve and easy good humor that are absolutely infectious, this bright, vivacious lady is obviously from a special mold. There’s only one Terri Welles.

Terri Welles Bio

Name: Terri Welles
Birthplace: Santa Monica, California
Measurements: 36-34-36
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 120 lbs

Sign: Scorpio.
Ambitions: To always be true to myself and be there when those closest to me need me.
Turn-Ons: The beginning of a new relationship, Christmas, anything French, 450SLs, music, the future.
Turnoffs: Renewing my driver’s license, tax time, junk mail, running on empty.
Favorite Books: The Best and the Brightest, Notes to Myself, The Hite Report, Illusions.
Favorite Movies: All That Jazz, Fame, The Deer Hunter, Marathon Man, The Longest Yard, Yanks.
Favoite Musicians: Eagles, Billy Joel, Boz Scaggs, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Bishop.
Favorite Sports: Fred Dryer, Golden Richards, Jim Palmer, Vince Ferragamo, Ian McMillen and Monday Night Football.
Biggest Joy: My family and friends.

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