Lari Laine Playboy Playmate May 1958

Lari Laine is the Playboy Playmate for May 1958. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, contended that wordy fellow from Stratford, but Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, California, is not Stratford, and few rough winds turn up there to distress such darling buds as Lari Laine, our May Playmate.

Lari, a member of the exclusive pleasure dome, takes advantage of the many opportunities for funsies offered within its swank demesnes: she digs the ultra-modern swimming pool, the 150-acre golf course, the spacious dining room and cocktail lounge and all the rest of the splendor she shares with Bob Hope, George Gobel, Eddie and Debbie Fisher and other members of the million-simoleon project.

On these pages, you’ll discover Miss Laine enjoying a few strenuous sets of tennis on the Knollwood courts. You’ll also discover her — deliciously dewy after a revitalizing shower — in the ladies’ locker room, an attractive area out-of-bounds to all males save those who read Playboy.

NAME: Lari Laine
BIRTHPLACE: Brentwood, California USA
BUST: 38″
WAIST: 21″
HIPS: 34″
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″
WEIGHT: 124 lbs

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