Kari Knudsen Playboy Playmate February 1962

Kari Knudsen is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for February 1962. Norway, a frosty land of fjords and folklore, has long evoked superlatives from fanciers of natural scenic beauty. Ideally illustrating the wisdom of such praise is our February Playmate, a captivating example of nature’s Nordic handiwork called Kari Knudsen. Born in Romsdal, Norway, a tiny hamlet of less than 80 souls, Kari spent her girlhood there dreaming of becoming an actress; two years ago she sailed alone for the U.S. to seek her own Valhalla amid Broadway’s neon glitter. In the States, our green-eyed thespian has proved to everyone’s satisfaction that she is amply endowed with talent as well as piquant beauty, for she has already garnered a fistful of stage, screen and TV credits.

A well-turned 23, Kari is sold on horseback riding, knitting, modern jazz and dating. But she definitely does not dig over-egoed guys who call her “honey” at first sight. Although she is happily becoming Americanized, Kari occasionally has a homesick hankering for the fjords in her past; on winter weekends she is apt to leave her acting chores behind and go native with a rink-a-ding whirl of skating in New York’s Central Park. Needless to say, this lovely argument for international exchange is an eye-catching figure skater (she cuts a neat 36-23-35).

In the foldout, 5’4″ Valkyrie Kari presents a Valentine dividend: her on-the-rocks cavorting done for the day, she relaxes before the hearth in a fetchingly feminine pose, an inviting northern light in her eyes as she warms both herself and the winter season.

NAME: Kari Knudsen
BIRTHPLACE: Romsdal, Norway
BUST: 36″
WAIST: 23″
HIPS: 35″
HEIGHT: 5′ 4″
WEIGHT: 117 lbs

AMBITIONS: To be a very good actress.
TURN-ONS: Modern jazz, flamenco, Latin music.
TURNOFFS: Being called “honey” or “sweetheart” by people who don’t know me.
HOBBIES: Knitting.
FAVORITE SPORTS: Skiing, skating and horseback riding.
WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Strong personalities — that quality that demands respect.
WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Overbearing egos.
DID YOU KNOW? I once worked in a traveling repertory theatre.

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